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End Of Life Planning™ Training

 At End of Life Planning™, we strive to support and educate members of the community on ways to enrich the caring for a dying person or those on their end of life journey. Our training gives people the opportunity to learn and consider the value for all involved of thoughtful planning, emotional and spiritual care during the End Of Life process.
Your training can take two pathways.  The Introductory End of Life Planning™ is a one-day foundation course that caters to caregivers, people who are planning their end of life and future End of Life Consultants. This short course aims to help you navigate death and dying, which will touch us more than once during our lifetime.
 This one-day course is a pre-requisite to our advanced three-day course, for those who want more information or to train to become an End of Life Consultant™. The End of Life Companioning ™ course will teach you to be an essential part of a team that works together, guiding the death traveller and their loved ones. We envisage that any willing adult working with the assistance of a general practitioner and a palliative care team is capable and worthy of fulling the role of an End of Life Consultant™.

Introductory End of Life Planning

“The training material follows the principles of adult learning in vocational education.  Our curriculum designer Beth is also the director of an Australian Registered Training Organisation called Australian Celebrations Training. Great care has been taken to design student material that is practical and will be a future resource”.

A one-day foundation course that caters to caregivers and people who are planning their end of life, along with future End of Life Consultants. Please note – This course is a prerequisite to End of Life Companion Training™. 

Study Areas Include:
  • Understanding what is required and how the law can impact you and your loved ones in the key paperwork areas of Wills, Advance Health Directive, and Enduring Power of Attorney.
  • Guiding, caring and assisting someone who is dying.
  • Conversations about death and end of life plans.
  • The dying process and decline of the physical body.
  • Self-care for carers and end of life companions.
  • Spirituality.
  • Emotional support for the dying person and their intimate others
  • Being comfortable with vigiling – sitting with and tending to a dying person
  • Coping with loss, grief and bereavement.
  • When death happens.
  • Funeral planning.
Key Skills Learned:  
  • A clear understanding of the death and dying process physically. 
  • How to care for yourself and a dying person. 
  • Emotional support skills which are specific to dying and death.
  • How to have and guide conversations about death.
  • How to approach the legal and paperwork aspect of death.
  • How to create a comforting environment for the dying person.
  • What to do when someone dies.
  • How to research and plan a funeral service.

End Of Life Companioning Training

“Beth’s course gave me peace around what transpired in death and instilled a greater confidence to be a compassionate companion for another again. Beth brings a foundation of knowledge and life experience to deliver this course at the right pace to learn and engage effectively”

Advanced training is provided over three consecutive days for people who wish to deepen their knowledge and skills in companioning people at the end of their life.  Participants will learn the skills to compassionately support others at a most challenging and tender time of their life. The course has at is core companioning, compassion, and non-medical comfort ideas.

Our training is intimate, so small class groups will be maintained where you will feel comfortable and confidentiality is honoured.  Participants enter their own sacred journey during the training as they enrich their knowledge of supporting dying people.

This training will require assessment submission and volunteering to work with dying people. The introductory course of End of Life Planning is a pre-requisite before enrolling in this advanced training.

Study Areas Include:
Introductory matters from the foundation course are expanded
  • The place where people die, and the places people want to die
  • Introduction to understanding dementia
  • What does each individual think is a “good death” for them?
  • Creating a comfortable and sacred space for all
  • Being a confidential, safe, healing presence
  • Boundary setting for self-care of everyone
  • Encouraging conversations about end of life planning
  • Addressing suffering
  • Discussing spiritual matters
  • Autobiographical legacy work and dignity therapy
  • Heartfelt communicating and the art of listening
  • Not every person has a family and friendship group, supporting this person’s final journey
  • Getting affairs in order, expansion on paperwork from foundation course, including digital legacy
  • Natural therapies for comfort care
  • The importance of music, art, theatre and dance
  • Loss, grief and bereavement expanded
  • Boundary setting
  • Design funerals and rituals
  • Death education resources
  • Natural burial
  • Building your EOL consultancy business.
Key Skills learned
  • How to look at the whole person, in their illness, in their family and friends, environment, in their spirituality, and in their pain and suffering
  • Becoming comfortable with being a healing presence and not needing to “fix” people or circumstances
  • Evolving yourself to be a healing presence for others
  • Being confident in guiding others in the final preparations of paperwork
  • Being a guide for funeral planning and funeral rituals
  • Understanding the grief, mourning and bereavement processes to assist others in their journeys
  • To be a resource for death education in the community and promote the importance of open conversations
  • To be open to the mystery of dying
  • To be personally more in tune with your own life journey
  • To understand that working with dying people is working on your own self.

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What Our Attendees Say

How often do we hear, she had a wonderful life but rarely, she had a wonderful end… These words (Beth shared) still echo in my mind. Having once supported a lovely family member at the end of their life at home, Beth’s End of Life Consultancy training opened my eyes as to what the end of life medically, emotionally and spiritually entails. While I wish I’d had this information then, Beth’s course gave me peace around what transpired and instilled a greater confidence, to be a compassionate companion for another again. Beth brings a fountain of knowledge and life experience to deliver this course at the right pace to learn and engage effectively in its content. I won’t spoil “the exercises” but one remains the most powerful and meaningful, I’ve undertaken to this very day. The well facilitated conversations and sharing that was encouraged, allowed me to engage with others throughout the day.
The collective mix of people who took this course surprised me, but rather than shy away from death which is a natural part of all our lives – they chose to learn more and embrace it, as did I. Thank-you again Beth, for another great course.

Angela Dennis
Angela Dennis
End Of Life Consultant™

The course was on a whole, was so inspiring and educating and gave me such a steep learning curve that I am excited to begin my next chapter. The attendees were a diverse group with varying knowledge and experience, and I am sure, as we said on the last day, we all brought something unique to the table. I am eternally grateful that I was one of the very lucky pilot course attendees; I admire your vision and dedicate to learning.

Amanda Medill, Townsville
Amanda Medill, Townsville
End of Life Consultant™

Beth is an inspirational teacher and a truly impressive woman. Her training is comprehensive, calm, respectful, warm and it is clear that she really knows her craft.
I learned so much about the journey to death and left feeling much more confident and prepared for my own experiences of death, both in my past and yet to come. Beth’s teachings made me question what death means to my family and to review and reclaim my own core values. The topic of death has become lighter in my conversations with friends and family and I am not afraid to ask questions about what they really want in their own journeys to death.

I believe the course I attended is relevant to the general community as well as to those who may wish to become end of life consultants.

Lisa Kerr
Lisa Kerr
End of Life Consultant™

This course provided useful information in a caring and supportive environment. While doing this course I felt listened to and my questions were answered.  As a layperson I gained a lot of knowledge and support.

Jill Garred
Jill Garred
End of Life Consultant™

We talk about them, not because we’re stuck or because we haven’t moved on, we talk about them because we are theirs, and they are ours, and no passage of time will ever change that

 – Sribbles and Crumbs –