End of Life Planning ™ is about providing emotional, spiritual and physical comfort to a dying person and their families and friends.

Our philosophy views death as a normal spiritual and physiological process each person undertakes. We believe this natural end of life process should be holistic and specific to the needs of the dying person and their loved ones.

About End Of Life Planning Program

Providing support for you and your family
When facing death, people derive their strength from their family and friends. We aim to ease this process by giving you the tools to understand the emotional, spiritual and physiological process that is end of life.
A one-day introductory course is for people who wish to learn more about end of life planning, either for themselves or to support another. Our advanced three-day course is for people who want more information or to train to become an End of Life Consultant™.
The term End of Life Consultant™ is similar to the role of a death doula or death midwife.  We recognise these professional roles as important. However, we chose End of Life Consultant as we look over the whole final chapter of a person’s life, not only their death.
We also recognise medical and legal professionals play a crucial role during end of life. But death is also a highly spiritual process. Whether that end of life journey is in a hospital, hospice or at home, our hope is people have the opportunity to plan their final journey.
Human relationships are complex, and the team at End of Life Planning™ understands these dynamics, such as the cared for but not so loved. It is especially critical to support the people caring and comforting the dying that they receive the toolset to cope with their own emotions and experience.
Having a planned and personalised end of life journey will not only provide comfort to the dying person but help the bereaved heal after their death.

You matter because you are you, and you matter to the end of your life. We will do all we can not only to help you die peacefully, but also to live until you die.

 – Dame Cicely Saunders –